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Felicity Merriman

Felicity Merriman is a Historical Doll. She was retired in 2011. She represents the Revolutionary War era. She was released in 1991 with a "friend" doll, Elizabeth Cole.


In Felicity's stories, (written by Valerie Tripp) <please add on to this selection>


Felicity's face was molded with Classic Mold, the same as Molly. Felicity was one of the only dolls to have two meet outfits (other than My American Girl Dolls.)

Felicity's first meet outfit came with a rose-print dress. White stockings complimented her patterned gown. She also had black, buckled shoes and an ivory ribbon which complimented her curly, hazel hair.

Felicity's second meet outfit consisted of lavender embroidered dress. Everything else was the same except the ivory ribbon was replaced with a white hair ribbon.